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Alive, in a manner of speaking.   
12:00am 03/05/2002
mood: happy
Life has been grand for the passing time, I rarely have time to relax. Though to recount of my days along side my beloved Aunt would probably be tedious mind dribble to most, I do not think it as such.

Maharet has finally heeded my words about the online journal community and has joined us, please visit her journal: x_maharet_x.

Also, to my surprise the young one ( vampclaudia ) also has returned, it seems Akasha isn't the only one who's been brought back from the dead.

Now if only I could convice Mael to get a journal, mmh, that is something I will have to think about doing sometime in the near future, but the first thing on my agenda is to catch Lestat on stage, though I'm a bit hesistant about going, considering what happened to me during his Death Valley Concert.
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A very interesting review of the QotD movie.   
03:53am 29/03/2002
mood: amused
This amuses me beyond belief, many thanks to her for posting it. Again here it is.

And so the horror beginsCollapse )
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Another night, but this one more promising.   
11:41pm 24/03/2002
mood: cheerful
Another night has begun, this time however I come to you not from the states, but from Paris. A last minute trip if you will, Maharet insisted and who am I not to warn to accompy her across sea?

So here we are and the night is young, we have already procured threatre tickets for the ballet and plans for dinner afterwards. Truly, I shall enjoy my time here.
As I lay me down to sleep...   
05:55am 21/03/2002
mood: sleepy
Couvrez son visage ; les yeux de mine brillent ; elle est morte des jeunes.

Such beautiful words, even more when murmured in french. I'll leave them with you all as I part for the morning, and seek more comfortable sanctuary from the sun.

Goonight one and all.
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12:51am 21/03/2002
mood: bored
This evening thus far as been rather uneventful. It seems Maharet has left without telling me, leaving me to fend for myself. Ugh ... I'm so utterly bored. It's times like this that I find myself missing the Talamasca. *preens*


I want Mael.
Interesting day   
04:31pm 20/03/2002
mood: amused
A very interesting day, indeed.

I've seemed to be neglecting things I once took advantage of. Namely, modern day technology. Though, I can't say my time hasn't been productive. Being able to finally be with Maharet and the others is a joy beyond words, I can't expression how happy I am.

However, today was rathe quiet, and I spent most of it alone and so I decided why not catch up a bit, and here I am joining the fray of the others I've discovered who have journals just like this one.

Hmm, I'll have go surprise a few of them right now. Perhaps, I'll write a bit later, after I get a bite to eat. ;)
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